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Press Release 1

Dating in the digital age: Bid for a date.

  • Most personal acquaintances take place on Facebook, I.M's and other social networking media nowadays. Finding time with tight schedules and deadlines, along with the various stigmas, around dating most admit they don’t really flirt or spontaneously meet people, like “ the old days.”
  • Instead we turn to the PC – and, in a way, safer – “digital” way of finding a mate, along with all the pros and cons this option brings. But, nothing ventured nothing won, right?
  • Technology has taken the entire dating process a step further, with a more innovative approach! is different from other sites in that it allows members to place BID for a date. And reject the bid or counter offer. The choices are endless.
  • This BID is seen as token of a drink, and obviously can’t – and shouldn’t – be more than that. So, if a member accepts a BID from someone, they’ll receive that amount at the date. does not receive any portion of this amount, but allows male members to buy credits when talking to mates.
  • The entire idea is fairly straightforward: attractive women have lots of date proposals, but waste time and money on cabs, clothing and so on, yet never knowing the outcome of a date. On the flipside, successful men without enough time are looking for quality dates.
  • Our mission is to narrow the gap between these two worlds of attractive women and successful men, and making it mutually beneficial. The ladies meet a man willing to splurge on them and the affluent men meet a beautiful woman who is appreciative of their time. A win win situation!
  • Opinions and stigmas can come and go. One thing is certain. People are tired of dating the proverbial frog and are willing to place their bid for a great date. Makes sense. All women want the man to pay for the meal, pay for the gifts, the flowers, the house and the list goes on. Simple the men say yes! And the women agree it makes sense to find the mate they always wanted and build a future together. Sans money issues.
  • really isn’t bringing anything new to the world of romance! Besides, isn’t it expected for men to treat a lady to a drink, so they can get acquainted? lets your fingers do the search for that mate! We take the guessing out the date. It's more realistic that way.
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Press Release 2

This summer…Goomenes will be on Auction!

Hows this? A site where women are stunning... and your to BID on!!

  • If everything has its price, how much would you charge to go on a date?
  • If time is money, how much is yours??
    This is the new stuff!
  • Are you tired of going on nightmare dates?
  • Do you want to avoid bad dates in general?
    Are you tired of spending your time and money?
  • If you answered YES to any one of these questions, look no further! guarantees you'll only go on successful dates with affluent men!
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  • It's fun and simple., it's what all women are looking for: Men willing to spoil them!
  • You are worth it!

Press Release 3

Ever wondered how much a man
would pay, for a date with you?

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  • The path to true Love is long and arduous, and not always paved with roses!
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