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Welcome to our Help / FAQ page. We have posted some answers below. If you have a suggestion or a question not addressed here, feel free to email us.

What is is a dating site guaranteeing first dates between affluent men and beautiful women.

Am I guaranteed a date?

Based on members' testimonials and the increasing number of new users, it is obvious to see the success of
Testimonials are best kind of advertising of the service we offer. Peruse the site and you will know why you want to sign up!!

If you still have questions, read Our Guarantee .

Are there any fake profiles at ?

Fake profiles are profiles of members, who do not exist in real life. Unfortunately it often occurs with contact platforms that third parties set up fake profiles. This may have many reasons. The most common are :
1) a man registers disguised as a woman to achieve premium membership by fraud.
2) Scammers try to collect email addresses and other data this way.
3) A SMS / cell phone number is mentioned, which will cause additional costs when called.
4) A woman´s account might be real, but a prostitute / escort girl uploaded it.

Fake profiles will cause the immediate deletion of the profile and a contract penalty which will have to be paid by the author. As we are not entitled to read the email content sent within our site, it is complicated for us to find and delete fake profiles immediately. Should you encounter a fake profile, please send us an e-mail containing the corresponding nick name and, if possible, a short statement why we should delete said profile. We are highly interested in keeping free from fake profiles and we will highly appreciate your cooperation.

Is it possible for me to remain entirely anonymous at ?

Yes, definitely. You remain completely anonymous at You don´t have to tell us your real name, you can deposit money anonymously to our account at your bank (only your nick name has to be mentioned) and you can even upload pictures anonymously, so that only your favourites can see them.

Besides, you can lock your comment board and hide the premium star, "last login" and "member since..." date and the online status too.

Why should I bid for a first date?

If you have to ask this question this is probably out of your league. However when a profile and images are current and you meet a beautiful woman in real life you longer worry about the amount of time you wasted on flimpsy chatrooms and looking at profiles twenty years old not to mention the loss of income and frustration. Besides a woman needs to know that her time amounts to something. So put your money where your mouth is.

Join now! Simple as that. Or, you could go back to what you were doing which got you nowhere fast.

Why is it right to be paid for the first date?

A date costs money and time. A woman can be selective and should do so. But due to financial reasons you can't keep going on dates. So, you leave it entirely up to luck. Obviously with mixed results.

Every date has its costs - bus tickets, cab fare, information - and time. So an unsuccessful date = money wasted.

If on the other hand, you could be guaranteed some sort of compensation you would definitely go out more. With chances abound to find the right man with the right lifestyle. We take the guessing game out. Saving you time in the processand money, actually you make money!
Compensation on your first date will mirror a reimbursement of sorts.The amount of €10 to €80 should suffice. Should you travel by plane to meet then the bid needs to relect that.

This amount is a type of token like a drink, or a treat an initial gift.

You meet and greet. No expectations! Of course should you hit it off then kudos to both of you.

Why wait? Join Now!

Caution: If you are an escort or a professional sex worker, don't even register.

I went on a date with a person that was a professional. Is that OK?

They are strictly forbidden.

It happens rarely, as we take all precautionary measures against this sort of thing from happening.

Once identified as that, profiles are deleted and repored to local authorities.

If you report an incident you both help us stay more alert and get free credits.

I went on a date with took the money and left. What do I do?

Report this member at once. Most likely a deletion of account will follow a reimbursement of funds will be issued and a complaint filed with the local authorities.

Plus, credits for the help you provided to improve our site.

I went out with a girl that looked different than the photos on her profile. What do I do?

Once reported a review into this members activity will take place.

We will look into your report and take appropriate action including permanent deletion of this member.

Plus credits for helping us improve the site.

I went on a date with a member who refused to compensate me. What do I do?

In this case, you have to report this member. We will then send your report to him, and ask for his side of the story as well.

We will look in to both sides of the story. After review we will take appropriate action

You will be rewarded for helping us improve our site.

I went out with a man that looked different than the photos on his profile. What do I do?

Same thing here. Report this person and we will take appropriate action.

We will look into your report and take appropriate action including permanent deletion of this member.

I went on a date with a man and instead of the agreed sum of money, he offered me a gift. What do I do?

That means breach of agreement. You will have to flie a report.

After review we will take action.

I went on a date with a girl and she brought a friend along. What do I do?

Lucky guy!

Many guys would like to be in your shoes, unless you were uncomfortable. In this case, it would be best to talk it over with the girl you arranged the date with.

If it doesn't work out, you can always choose another girl!

I was talking with a man, who suggested going to his house. What should I do?


Members should have their first date in public a place, like restaurants or cafes. We never recommend going to someones house.

How much money should I give the girl on our first date?

This depends on many factors.

You will have to judge what feels right for you.
Generally speaking, the money should equal to a drink.

I went on a date with a man who made indecent proposals. What do I do?

Something like that is strictly forbidden. You should immediately report this member. If accusations are true, profile is deleted.

I keep going out on dates, where the women take my money and then end all communication with me. What's up with that?

If you believe women went out with you just to get money, you have to report them, and we will look into it.

We will delete their profiles and refund your credits - we also will give you bonus credits.

Furthermore, you will have to check if the photos and the personal data on your profile honestly show what you look like.

In case they do not, as you can understand, you might have done the same - your profile is also in danger of being deleted.

Before your first date, carefully read the advice given to be more successful.

Learn more

What it means to be a VIP Man?

This is an acknowledgment from for your enthusiasm when communicating with members. As of now our female members will know you are part of a select group of men a VIP which will raise your success significantly! Good luck!

Why would you rather go out with VIP Men?

This member has been announced on the site as a VIP member. This means that this man has shown resiliance and is interested in truly meeting reccomends all VIP members

How to become a VIP member?

A VIP Membership has great announces that is not a regular member, but a VIP which obviously gets more hits! To become a VIP member:
1.) Buy credits to chat with other members and
2.) Get reviewed by female members.
Once done member will be announced as a VIP which gets more hits and better exposure on

Tips for a Successful Man

1. Do NOT disclose personal information, such as your phone number and home address, unless you feel secure and comfortable.

2. Never give out your bank account number. In case a member pressures you report them immediately.

3. Do NOT give in to pressure from anyone wanting your details.

4. A first date is not enough time to know someone. Be dilligent.

5. If you feel pressured, threatened or offended by a member, then stop any communication and block them.

6. Do not give full amount at the beginning of the first date. Give half the amount at the beginning of the date, and the rest at the end.

7. First impressions are lasting impressions!

8. A gift at first date is always nice so think creatively gents. Be honest and transparent.

Tips for the ladies

1. Do NOT disclose personal information, such as phone number home address, unless you feel secure and comfortable.

2. Never give out your bank account number or any financial information. In case a member of our site tries to pressure you to reveal such information, please report him immediately.

3. Meeting fo the first time is not good reason to give out personal information.

4. If you feel pressured, threatened or offended by a member,stop any communication and block him.

5. Don't ask for the full amount in the beginning of the first date. Better to ask for half of the amount at the beginning of the date and the rest of it at the end.

6. First impressions are lasting impressions so be polished. Both in the way you dress and the way you behave.

7. Make sure that you provide real photos on your profile, and keep them up-to-date.

8. Be on time for your date. Let him know of any delays. Think of the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Furthermore, you risk permanent deletion of your Goomena account.

9. Your profile is built based on your site activity. Make sure to stick with the Terms of Use; or your Goomena profile will be deleted.

How does Goomena work for male members?

Create an account and navigate Goomena free of charge.

When you create an account at, you start out as a Standard member.

An Active member can create a profile, upload up to 20 photos,view registered members but cannot contact them.

In order to contact other members, you have to become an Active member by purchasing Credits.

How does Goomena work for female members?

You can create an account and navigate for free, as long as you wish.

When you create an account at, you have to upload at least one photo of you to become an Active member.Upload up to 20 photos.

The more Likes and Offers, the more dates!

Click here if you want to go on a great date!

Why is it good to have private photos?

Private photos always add something special to every profile. A bit interesting, a bit sexy and very attractive for other members. Private photos are 100% sure to attract the eyes of other members. Plus they are a secure and easy way to meet others, who will find the courage to ask your permission to view them!

Can I have only private photos in my profile?

A profile that has only private photos happens usually because the member wants to have absolute discretion. In this case the private photos are the ideal solution for the member who retains 100% control over who does view them.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes. A Screen Name is used in order to protect your personal information. Only YOU are authorised and responsible for your personal information. Furthermore, writing your full name, Facebook page, phone number or email on your profile page is prohibited.

How successful is a Goomena date?

Very successful: it's all about supply and demand! You bid on a great date after you have talked to them online and who knows!

Narrow your search and make time count: Be decisive!

Will you send any information to my house or office?

Absolutely not. We respect personal privacy hence all details are confidential.

I forgot my username/password. What can I do?

No problem. Just, click on the Forgot your Password? link and write your username or your email address.

Within minutes, you will get an email with your password.

If you have changed your email address, and cannot receive your username/password, send us an email.

I'm having trouble registering successfully.

The usernames and/or passwords probably aren't valid.
Please make sure your details are correct.
If the problem continues, send us an email.

General Questions

How do I change my username and/or password?

To change username or password, go to Home > More > Account Settings,enter your new information, and click "Update Account".

How do I upload a photo?

To upload a photo from your computer, hard drive or external device, go to Home > Photos > Upload New Photo Select Photo level Upload Photo and follow the instructions.

How long does it take for an uploaded image to show on the site?

An image takes approximately 24 to 72 hours to be approved.

I followed instructions for image uploading and still cannot upload images.

Please read the instructions provided below carefully and try again:

• Image size must be less than 4Μb.

• Images must not be pornographic, must not depict minors, or include contact information.

• All images are evaluated before posted on profiles. Any inappropriate photos will be deleted.

If you still have any trouble,contact us.

More information regarding the first image

First image is visible on all pages. This means that other members will see that picture and review you; so, think looking good.

Use a recent photo.
6 months or newer.

Use ONLY photos of you.
You yourself must impress - not someone else!

Choose a close-up photo.
Most members upload cropped close-up images.

It has to be you.
Use an everyday shot.

Keep smiling!
Show that great smile you have!

Upload your best picture.
A bright and clear facepic is always attractive.

Do not wear sunglasses or a hat.

Do not use dark photos.
Other members won't see you clearly, and this might be confusing.

Do not use other people's photos.
The image must represent you; otherwise, you will be exposed when you go out on a date!

Do not use celebrity photos.
Celebrity photos will obviously not be approved.

How do I create my profile?

On our Main Page, click on "Login Today" and follow instructions.
To create a profile is free and takes minutes.

Think or it as a resume/C.V of sorts but only more personal hobbies etc.

What are you waiting for?
Create your profile today!

How do I update my profile?

Updating your profile is quick and simple! Just go to Home > More > Account Settings > Edit/View Profile and follow instructions.

How can I find my favorites?

After login, click on "My Favorites" and you can see your favorite lists.

How can I delete my profile?

If you want to delete your profile, just go to Home > More > Account Settings > Delete your Account.

I am a Standard member. Can I initiate sending messages to others?

As a Standard member, you cannot initiate sending messages to others. To do so, you need to become an Active member.

What is a Like?

It is a quick, fun way to let someone know you're interested in them. Send a line from our listand send away. Once received the member you contacted will most likely return the favor in a form of Like or message or BID etc.
likes are free to all users.

Gents: Take it a step further and start up a real conversation with others,upgrade to a Active member.

Why am I not getting many matches?

Increase your number of matches. First, make sure you have created a profile. Once done our search engine will compare profile matches with yours. Already done that? The criteria in your profile may be too specific. Go to Search Profiles and try to broaden your search criteria. For example, if you have height requirements of 5'10" -6'0", try expanding them by a few inches!

Why am I not getting so many responses?

Don't just wait for someone to respond to your profile. Start sending Likes or Offers to increase the possibilities of finding your best match.

Post a photo. Research shows that profiles with photos are hundred times more likely to receive a response.

On the technical side, most people have more than one email address. Always make sure you're using your registered e-mail address.

If you're not receiving any response at all, "spamguard" might be in place. Feel free to Contact Us.

What does "Blocked member" mean?

Blocked members are persona non grata , meaning you can contact someone once you are blocked or have blocked someone, that member will no longer be able to contact you. This includes stopping them from viewing your profile, photos, and from being able to search your profile or email you.

How do I pay for a membership?

. We currently accept payments by:

• Credit Card- Visa, Mastercard
• PaySafe
• Paypal
• Bitpay(bitcoin)

2. Online payment:
Credit Card and Check/Debit Card payments made online using our secure server.

No Credits were debited to my account. What should I do?

Not to worry we will see to the issue and have it resolved asap. Any questions? Contact us at email: Please state the payment method along with a detailed explanation.

Can I earn money from your site?

Yes, you can join our affiliate network!
Click here for more information.

Policy and Security

We strictly enforce the Terms of Use violations are not tolerated.