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Create a profile and upload public and personal images.


Goomena will locate women in your area and send suggestions. Or, feel free to browse,setting your own criteria.


Flirt, "Like",place a Bid and set the price for a first date .


Once your BID has been received by a member they have the option of accepting, counteroffering or refusing. She accepts,with the use of your Credits, you get the chance to go out on a first date with her!


Great reasons to join:

  • You go out on guaranteed first dates!
  • You meet beautiful women!
  • You have many possibilities to start a relationship!
  • You use your time wisely, unlike other social sites!
  • In you find only REAL women!
  • Women on are not professionals (escorts etc.)!
  • is private and safe, protecting your private life!
  • We give you advice and dating tips for free!
  • Ample choices for your perfect match.
  • We guarantee a surefire result. Guarantee!
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Advice for your first date.
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Details for the first date!

Complete your profile and upload a photo...

Your experience with starts by completing a profile, and selecting who and what you expect from a first date.To use the website, an approved profile and image are a must.

Place or accept a BID...
Ask someone out on a date by placing a BID. If the BID is right you arre on your way to your first date. And if you want to counter the BID feel free to do so naminga new number. Our bidding system allows you to accept, reject or counter an offer.

Send a message to set up a date!
Once an bid is accepted, you're ready to plan your date!Send a message scheduling the time and the place for that initial date. Just like that!

Once you've accepted a BID for a first date, start planning. Check out some of our First Date ideas, and be creative. Here are some general etiquette and rules regarding Do's and Don'ts.

* DO NOT pay someone in advance before the first date.
* Men are expected to pay for the date.
* Our advice: Pay 50% upfront ,and 50% at the end
* CASH is king, and pay only when you meet in person. Attention


Why your pick-up tries don’t work: How to be a success with women...

Here's a quick tip: Think ,observe and analyse.

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