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Create a profile and upload public and personal images.


Goomena will immediately locate generous and successful men close to you and show their profiles. Or, you can perform searches of your own, setting your own criteria.


Flirt sending likes Likes and encourage BIDS.


Once you receive a like send them a BID! If you receive a BID, you can accept, negotiate or decline. Once your counter-offer, has been accepted get ready for a fabulous first date! No matter how the date ends you get paid for your time!


Great reasons to become a member:

  • You meet ONLY successful men!
  • Your time is always rewarded!
  • You have a chance to find the man of your dreams!
  • All men are real, and certain in their search!
  • You won't waste time as is the case in other social sites!
  • You always get what you want!
  • is secure and privacy is guaranteed
  • We offer free tips and advice!
  • You will definitely have a great time on your first date!
  • It's exactly what you're looking for: your time is rewarded!
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Advice for your first date.
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Details for the first date!

Complete your profile and upload a photo...

Your experience with starts by completing your profile things like who you want to meet and what you expect from a first date.To use the site you must have an approved profile with recent images.

Place or accept a bid.
Once you find the one you like, place a bid. If you're a generous member, place a BID for the first date. And, if you're an attractive user, name your BID for the first date. Our bidding system allows members to place, reject or counter any bid.

Send a message to setup a date!
Once an bid is accepted, plan the date. Send a message with details of the first date. It's as simple as that !

Once you accepted a bid for a first date, start planning. Check out some of our first date ideas, but try to be creative. Here are some general etiquette and rules regarding Do's and Don'ts.

* DO NOT pay or ask for payment prior to meeting.
* Generous members are expected to pay for the date.
* HINT: Accept 50% at the start and 50% at the end.
* CASH is king, and get paid only when you meet your date in person. Attention


Are you sexy and know it?

All women adore being pampered, being spoiled with gifts and exotic trips, - in a nutshell, being treated like princesses . . .

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Here are three reasons to Join GOOMENA today!!

Generous men at Goomena want to take care of you, pamper you and get to know you.

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