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Dating Guide

  • Online dating can be a wild ride. One never knows what kind of dates one will encounter ,experiences you might have good or bad etc. One thing is ceratin. It will alter your life as you now know it. Especially if you are new to online dating. When done right it can be an awesome experience. Done sloppy and it's a harrowing experience. Either way it's an life-altering experience. Majority of comments are positive.
  • When logging on one thing is guaranteed. Excitement. Oodles of fun and new experiences which are unique and safe. understands that in a search for a great partner one might get a bit careless when it comes to safety. We got you covered with filters and online monitoring so you won't risk personal information. Most impontant though we want you to meet your mate. And when you do please let us know the how the when and who. We do our best on daily basis to pair you up.
  • Our site is full of advice, tips and stories from people like you that have been on this journey, found love are willing to share their experience both good and not so good. We grow with you so reading your stories and comments, Some very intersting to say the least, is for us quality control so send away, ask away and comment. Nothing is off limits!
  • is the new way of dating, a pioneer in the making and we are ecstatic to have you here. Start looking for the person that will look like his or her photos and see that their profile is verified. It's those details that we verify so you are not going on a date within the date and get blindsided. Lord knows you had those. We all had. Keep us posted on developments, questions are always welcome!
  • Happy Dating. No, have an AWESOME date! With our help.

Note: This guide is for both men and women. Here you'll find tips and healthy advice for your personal success! Are you ready?

Article 1

Why am I still single when I am fantastic?

The biggest complaint from new members and their friends is, the eternal " I am great but why can't I find anyone story. " What if things are bit different looking at it objectively??
In most cases if not all, looks are secondary so maybe if you are targeting a pretty face as your primary goal in a partner you area bit... wait for it... SHALLOW? You? no way. We say maybe yes way, think about it. Mona lisa is a great painting but in a museum and emotionally unavailable. Is the same thing going on with your search or current situation? So stop throwing love to the loveless.

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Article 2

Getting Back on the online saddle.

Stop whining about past relationships and ex's snap out of it. You are better than that. You deserve better. In this case put on your chaps and get on the saddle again. If however you had some downtime and are ready to ride that horse might seem a bit awkward again but up you go and ..HOLD on this might the best rid of your life. You never know unless you do it! Miracles happen as we trip.

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Article 3

Get the Most Out Of Your Profile?

Creating a profile can be a bit too revealing, mostly for you! It's like looking in the mirror. But, you got a great profile once it's honest clear and transparent. And by the way please make sure your pics are current not from they days of Archibald. The more precise your profile the better and real dates you will have. No lies please. Keep it clean. That goes for the ladies too! Now mingle people that's why you are here !

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